Excellent Place For Instant Cash For Gold Dallas

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Gold has been a valuable and highly sought-after precious metal for coinage, jewelry, and other arts since long before the beginning of recorded history.  It has bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive.

Silver, on the other hand, has long been valued as a precious metal, too, and it is also used to make ornaments, jewelry, high-value tableware, utensils and currency coins.

Both commodities have experienced fluctuation of prices within the past few months due to the volatility of the world economic stage.  This poor economic situation had people searching in old jewelry boxes and in junk drawers for something, anything that can be sold for some quick cash. Local gold buyers can attest to the boon since the recession hit and the precious metals started to skyrocket.

Welcome to Taylor Gold & Silver Exchange

If you still experience being in the difficult times, it’s time to sell your gold and silver and get instant cash from it.

Taylor Gold and Silver Exchange, Inc. is family owned and operated a flourishing company. They take pride in giving their customers the best possible value for their unwanted jewelry and gold.

They buy all precious metals including gold, silver, broken jewelry, estate jewelry, coins, platinum, dental gold, class rings, silver flatware, serving trays and practically all types of gold and silver made jewelry and things.

If you are not familiar with how to evaluate, visit their company and they will show you what your gold and silver is worth.

Here is the list of the things Taylor Gold & Silver Exchange purchase:

  • Unwanted Gold and Silver Jewelry Coins
  • Silver Coins and Bullion which include: American Silver Eagles – Any Condition, Canadian Silver Maples, Mexican Silver Libertads, among others.
  • Gold Coins and Bullion which include: All American Gold Eagles-Proof or Uncirculated, All Fractional Gold Eagles, Mexican Gold coins, among others.
  • Platinum Coins and Bullion
  • Bracelets,  Coins, Bullion Rings, Earrings, Class Rings, Sterling Silver, Silver Forks, Spoons, Knives, Silver Serving Dishes, Broken Jewelry, Rolex Watches

You can bring in your old, unused, and unwanted jewelry and let Taylor Gold and Silver Exchange evaluate and give you top dollar for what it’s worth.  If it has gold, silver or any other precious metals, then Taylor Gold and Silver Exchange will give you top dollar for those items.

A lot of people have already testified how the jewelry company has helped them in any way.  Their experience is the outright concrete example of having cash for gold Dallas.

Johnny H., from Canton, TX shared his experience wherein his grandmother passed away him a handful of earrings and necklaces.  He thought those things had no use so he brought them up to our company hoping to get a couple of hundred dollars for it and he was so surprised to the company paid him $830.00!

Dorothy P., from Terrell, TX also shared her experience during the time when she needed quick cash and that had some gold bracelets that she doesn’t wear anymore.  She took the jewelry to the shop and got $2100.00 cash right on the spot!

These are just two of the satisfied customers at Taylor Gold & Silver Exchange who want to share their experience so that they might be able to help other people, too.

Because gold and silver prices fluctuate by the minute, the company advises that all buy and sell orders for gold and silver must be placed by telephone so that prices can be locked in at the prevailing market.

Taylor Gold & Silver Exchange is conveniently located at 2014 S. Goliad #126 Rockwall, TX 75087 with telephone number 214-771-3257.  Visit their onsite location or call them today.  You can log on to their website http://www.taylorgoldandsilver.com for more inquiries.

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